Here is something I didn’t post 6 years ago… I guess it’s not too late to post it 6 years ago, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Let’s start with some theories that are revolutionizing the scientific world allowing for practical implementation of time travel devices:

  • Large Hadron Collider ready
    • CERN built this massive particle accelerator with the hopes of producing a Higgs boson that will help physicists understand some of the missing portions of various theories, such as how particles get mass.  They are also hoping to determine if there are additional dimensions as predicted under string theory.  One of the other “side effects” is the possible creation of micro black holes.    Besides being cool and totally not having any chance of causing a doomsday scenario, it looks remarkably like the Time Tunnel:

    • And in case you need more explanation on what it will do, here is an official “rap” the staff at CERN produced.  Seriously…
  • Quantum Entanglement is pretty heavy stuff.  It’s the idea behind quantum computers (which will blow the computational ability of computers through the roof), etc.  Basically, the theory goes that two quantum “systems” share a connection and impacts/modifications done to one will manifest the same “symptoms” in another.  One of the amazing aspects of this theory is Instantaneous communication across limitless “space”…  Space could be millions of light years between the systems.  So, think faster than light communication of incomprehensible computing power.
  • The Many Worlds Theory vs The Copenhagen Interpretation
  • String Theory: Including the idea that there are seven spatial dimensions that are “hiding” in the three we’re familiar with.
  • Quantum Tunneling: The theory that when a particle is slammed against a barrier that it’s physically impossible for it to penetrate, sometimes it does anyway. Laser Time Travel: Time travel available within a decade? I can go back and warn myself about Mama Mia!
  • New Material Could Make Objects Invisible
  • You Can’t Travel Back in Time, Scientists Say

And why will we need this?

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