• @LandDesigns The pavers are fine, it’s just the color – orangish/red; I want to put in a sitting wall & matching that color is problemattic in reply to LandDesigns #
  • It sure is a good thing President Obama has Biden to coach him on foreign relations http://tr.im/reWC #
  • RT @nerdist: The MJ media onslaught proves he went dn Obi Wan style: he died so he could bcome more powerful than we could possibly imagine. #
  • Wow, Michael Jackson’s Funeral is amazing… makes me wish more celebrities would die #
  • A friend pointed out, LA should recoup their $7m in costs for MJ’s funeral w/ tourism $. Wonder who they can kill off next to bail out CA? #
  • I wonder when the Michael Jackson “memorial” will be available to download from iTunes? #
  • Personally, I don’t believe Michael Jackson is dead. I think there is a coverup going on here… why else would the media not cover it more? #
  • Going home so wife can work 3rd shift and I can get daughter off bus as she returns from her first girlscout summer camp! #
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