• @kplawver That’s a great story, Grandpa! Tell us the one about the Internet before there were web browsers! in reply to kplawver #
  • @buckeyesam I’ll do it for $2000 in reply to buckeyesam #
  • @tomchau Going to a movie solo really depends on the movie you are going to see… some just would be weird #
  • Does anyone know when Jira 4.0 is scheduled to release? I know it’s in beta 1 now… #
  • @timojhen Always fix “space” first. “time” can wait. in reply to timojhen #
  • 5 most important behaviors for IT leaders – Central Ohio IT Leadership DNA Study http://bit.ly/ITDNA (RT @bblanquera) #
  • @buckeyesam What type of improvements did you see with range/signal strength with the new router? I have a PC that gets a weak signal in reply to buckeyesam #
  • wife had study group @ the house last night, so took young ones to Night@Museum – everyone was good, worked out great #
  • baseball games this morning, wife has finals next week – gonna take the 4 young ones to see UP this afternoon to clear out of the house #
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