• feeling carsick… no, not in a car #
  • @jenlen The wife is making steaks on the grill, too… with baked sweet potatoe in reply to jenlen #
  • awesome Katy Perry cover. Reminds me my early years in Northern Minnesota… http://tr.im/i6Rb #
  • I laff too much at the misfortunes of my project manager, but I’m just so happy it’s not me #
  • I exchanged @TeamRonMiller and @Marie_Gibbons for one @jedijunkie – here’s hoping jedijunkie likes russian covers of Katy Perry songs more #
  • Ive had gr8 experienc w @Tivo CS- calld 2 order replacement box when 2 of ours went bad- they R send’g 2 for price of 1 & credit 1mo of subs #
  • @Kachow Congratulations! That’s a great feeling in reply to Kachow #
  • I started listening to “Atlas Shrugged” today – the 52hr Hurt version #AudibleListens #
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