Ok, I really am asking for some clarification here.   I’m not always politically correct, but always try to be respectful to people.  I just don’t understand this statement made by Mr. Punk’d himself, Ashton Kutcher:

can we just get clear, calling some one “gay” or “fag” is as derogatory as calling someone a “nigger”. U look like an idiot when you do it.

I get “fag” being derogatory.  But I’ve never known “gay” to be derogatory.  As a kid, we used “gay” all the time to mean something what strange (Leia is Luke’s sister?  That’s gay.).  I think that’s fallen off from common sayings (like most things said in the 70’s and 80’s).  

It wasn’t until later in that I really understood homosexuality and the reference to “gay”.  So, even if “gay” is derogatory now, I can’t imagine that it is on par with calling someone “nigger”.  I don’t see how those are even in the same playground.  Hell, there are groups that call themselves “LesbianGayBisexual, Transgender“.   LGBT organizations are all over the place.  So I really question how “gay” is derogatory.  

Honestly, I can’t see how “fag” is in the same category as “nigger”, either, but that is really why I’m asking.  As is probably obvious to all concerned, I’m neither gay nor black.  I’m not qualified to say one is derogatory.  Neither is Ashton Kutcher.

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