I’m glad I saw it, but it almost felt more like a cliffsnotes on Watchmen than a movie out to entertain me.  It was technically accurate, but didn’t really effect any emotional response from me.  It was as if the director had a checklist of scenes, items, people he needed to show from the book to appease everyone.  From that perspective, it was successful.  

People are too critical of movies based on books/comics.  They want them to be the book.  They never will be.  What you experience when you read a well written book is between you and the author.  No filmmaker will ever capture that for you.  Ultimately, the best adaptation into film that I saw is To Kill A Mockingbird.  I’ve recent reread the book and viewed the film again and still stand by that.

They should have made the Watchmen their own.  I understand why they didn’t… too many critics out there.