Tonight, I’m going to go see Watchmen with a few guys.  We’re going to have wings and beers and hit the flic on a big screen.  I’m really looking forward to it. 

Movies have always been part of my life.  I believe the first movie I saw in the theater was probably Unidentified Flying Oddball by Disney.  My mom took me to it when my Grandmother refused to let me go with my older brother to see some movie with monsters in it… Star Wars.  I loved the George Burn’s God movies.  When I was ten, I road my bike to the nearby strip mall and would watch matinees every Saturday.  My favored seat at the time was front row right.  I was there by myself and didn’t want to know people were staring at me.  I fell in love with superheroes that summer when Superman came out.  

We moved not long after and it was several years before I was back in a city with a theater I could attend regularly.  For a while, I thought I would get into movie making going so far as to try to major in Film and English Lit.  That really didn’t end up being the path I took, however.  I did learn the best place to sit in a theater, though.  But still I have the memories, like going to the movie Alive in the dead of winter in Fargo, ND with a group of people I worked with at an Italian buffet restaurant.  You could feel the cold permeate through the walls and sense what they were going through in that plane.  But when the bodies were lined up outside and they started eating, we all lost it and said “buffet style”.  I saw Big drunk off of tequila while hitting on a couple of cute girls in front of me.  It was probably my most confident moment with a woman.  It lasted until the end of the movie when the world started spinning and I ran out and threw up in the parking lot.  

Before we had kids, my wife and I saw probably 2 movies a week.  After kids, we went through a pretty good dry spell.  Now, we’re back up to about one per month.  Movies are expensive, babysitters for 4 kids even more so.  

Tonight’s a special treat.  I’m looking forward to sinking into my seat, closing out the world and letting my mind be overcome with flashing lights, pounding sound and a story that will bring alive a 10 year old boy sitting in the front row to the right.