One summer we had a lot of flooding on our farm in rural North Dakota.  Our house had a pretty decent incline for the front yard and the lower portion was filled with water.  Somehow, frogs took hold and began spawning.  Before too long, the front yard was filled with croaking, green amphibians.

It was my job to mow the lawn with our rider mower.  I didn’t want to mow the front lawn because of all the frogs and got in trouble for letting the grass grow taller there.  So, I mowed it.  As I mowed it, I positioned the mower so the grass “discharge” chute faced the house… the front of the house with the big picture window.  The frogs didn’t know what hit them.  Neither did the house.  There was red and green bits of frogs/legs splattered all over the front of the house. 

My next chose was to wash the house.