Dear Sir,

I was the individual following you for 25 minutes today on my way to work.  Perhaps you noticed me?  It was a long drive through the snow for what would normally have taken me 5 minutes.  We really didn’t have the opportunity to talk.  You seemed pretty focused driving down the middle of the road.  Having grown up in northern Minnesota (the Iron Range to friends) and eastern North Dakota (just too fricken cold to everyone), I thought I would offer you some advice.

  • Your Ford Expedition is equipped with 4-wheel drive.  This allows for improved traction and handling during inclement weather (like snow).
  • While driving cautiously in heavy traffic makes sense, when there are just 2 of us on back roads and you are in the lead, you really could drive more than 5 miles/hour.
  • While your SUV is large, it is not quite a bus.  You were not required to stop before crossing the railroad tracks.  Those lights you saw will flash when a train is approaching.
  • When you encounter approaching vehicles, you really should not slow to a stop and wait for them to pass.  That driver of the Honda Civic seemed a bit nervous driving on the edge of the road to get passed you.

I hope you find this helpful.  When we parted ways, your pained face contrasted with the dark eyes glaring at me.  You might find it less stressful sticking to plowed city streets.

Good luck out there and, remember, the gas peddle is on the right.  Don’t be afraid to use it from time to time!