Oh, give me a break.  Obama’s staff is complaining that they didn’t all have phone numbers, blackberries or other equipment setup on their first day?  They are whining because they are using “6 year old” Microsoft software? 

Obama Staff Arrives to White House Stuck in Dark Ages of Technology – washingtonpost.com.

Have none of these people ever had a job working in corporate America?  There were people working in those offices up until the week before.  The IT staff has to clean that equipment up, cut phone numbers, establish new ones (I’m sure people would complain if they were getting calls on the old ones).  It takes days (and, yes, in some cases weeks) to fully equip new hires.  No one likes it, but that’s the way it works in even well-oiled operations.

I can’t imagine the security requirements for setting things up.  I worked for just 6 months at a bank and it was locked down tight.  Besides keeping people from stealing information they had no right to access, you need to prevent morons from downloading viruses that would infect entire networks.  Can you imagine the issues with viruses on the White House network?  Oh, I’m sure there are no hackers targeting that installation.

Now, 6 year old MS software.  What software?  Is it Office 2003?  Is it Windows XP?  How many of you are running the same?  People bitch about Vista and if you have used the latest Office, it has some nice features, but a total change in user experience making it a pain to transition to with little payoff.

So, did no one in this tech savvy transition team bother to check into the IC/helpdesk/IT processes/desktop stack before this week?

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