Yesterday, I did the following tweet:

It’s an Obama Nation… That works no matter your point of view and on so many levels.
 from TweetDeck

A friend called me on it with a reference to a post I made criticizing name calling and other negativities that came out of this election.

I still stand by that post.   I’m not calling the President an abomination. I’m using the negative implication of “Obama Nation” in response to the worship and blind adoration taking place.  Here are a couple of examples:

1) His staff said one of the first things he would do when entering office was close gitmo. Turns out that was more campaign rhetoric. Once elected, he backed off from that.

2) The inaugural fund for yesterday had a budget of $41m. When Bush spent the full budget 8 years ago, the media pounded him. Yesterday cost over $150m. What was the coverage? Isn’t this glorious?

A fellow twitter of mine pointed out an article on Media Matters that states this is an apples to oranges comparison.  They suggest the Bush number’s don’t represent the cost of security and other items and if those were added, they would be similar.  I’m adding a link here for transparency, but I have an issue with it.  There seems no more evidence on that article than to the contrary.  The article even states organizations such as MSNBC is reporting the ~$150m number.

Obviously, there has to be security for the inauguration day activities and I wouldn’t possibly believe they shouldn’t occur, but here are the facts:

  • The inauguration activities still cost more than was budgeted
  • Bush was reemed in the press for spending within the budget (max amount) during a time of war
  • No one is being critical of Obama spending over the budget amount during a time of war AND economic crisis
  • While there needed to be a celebration, did they really need 11 balls?

Overall, this is a bad example to set when the nation needs to learn how to be fiscally responsible.

3) The hollywood nitwits put out videos like this:  

Now they are going to start doing those things? They need a president they voted for before they act like responsible, engaged citizens? And they are proud of that?

Yes, I still stand by that post.