It’s going to be a close one.  I could be wrong, but I believe the nation is more evenly divided than supporters of Obama think.  I hope McCain wins, but I’ll support whatever the outcome.

Here’s what scares me… all these extreme liberal hollywood-types, bloggers and twitterers who are loudly claiming that if Obama loses, they’re moving out of the country.  Or they are claiming blood will flow in a second civil war.  They are out there and they are saying it.  They said it in 2004, but shockingly, never moved.  I’ll tell them the same thing I told my son when, a few weeks back, he came up to me crying because he was terrified that Obama might become president.  It seems some kid at school told him that if Obama became president, everyone would lose their homes.

Calm down.


Being an American is voicing your opinion, speaking out for your rights, debating issues, but supporting your President no matter who holds the office.  Both candidates are up for election because they are smart and care about their nation.  You may not agree with how they want to help people, but you have to accept that they do.  It’s your responsibility to inform them of your opinion through your local, state and federal representatives.  Protesting is your right, but respect the office and understand that even in a close election, millions of Americans agree with that individual. With the exception of three states and the District of Columbus, Bush received over 40% of the popular vote in the states that gave their electoral votes to Kerry in 2004.  

Do not dismiss points of view that you do not agree with.  Do not dismiss them out of hand as racist, uneducated, uninformed or selfish without discussing them with others.  Do not generalize.  Generalization leads to stereotyping which leads to prejudice.  Do not find hate where no hate is intended.

Talk to people.  Not just to people who believe what you believe, but to those who you don’t agree with.  At the end of the day, we all want the same basic things out of life.  Respect them for their differences and understand that it’s ok to disagree.

At the end of the day, one person in the Presidential office has little ability to disrupt directly my life.  The government can tax me more, but eliminating any of my rights has to come through Congress and my representatives.  Granted, if the Democrats receive a filibuster majority, passing laws that do not represent my interests my become easier. But put several hundred people together, several looking out only for their own interests, the chances of any socially impacting, economically impacting legislation is low.  It’s possible.  We’ve seen it before, but I’m not losing sleep.

I take responsibility for my financial outlook.  I manage my debt and work to earn a future for my family.  I will voice my approval or disapproval and in 2 to 4 years, the process will begin again.

I love my country.  I know these people I disagree with passionately about the direction or leadership love this country, too.