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I also believe…


  • people should be able to migrate to America and become legal citizens
  • allowing any illegal alien into America is an insult to those people who work hard to become legal citizens
  • English is our national language and should be required
  • same sex marriage, abortion and other topics of this level of controversy should be handled at the state level by popular vote.  The federal government could and should not try to define laws of this magnitude nationwide and make everyone happy.
  • raising taxes when government is not fiscally responsible is just throwing good money after bad.  I don’t spend more than I earn, neither should the government (city, county, state, federal, whatever)
  • a national language aids acclimation to society
  • everyone should be able to retain their historical culture as part of the “melting pot” process
  • huge investments (not necessarily money) need to be made with the education system in the US.  Perhaps less focus on meeting standardized tests and more empowerment at the local level?  I don’t know, but throwing money at a problem doesn’t mean it will get better.  Setting up generic standards across a diverse nation doesn’t mean children are learning more.  Why not learn from nations that have surpassed us?  Why not learn from our colleges/universities?  They are still tops in the world.
  • every kid should have a dog. (or cat, lizard, hamster, whatever… but I think big dogs are best <g>)  It teaches them about pure love and loyalty.
  • every one should spend time in service to their nation.  It shouldn’t be required, but they should want to do it.  Service could be military, red cross, Peace Corp or how about a “peace corp” organization for the US?  We have poor, underdeveloped areas that could use assistance.  Maybe some exchange for college tuition wavers or something.  But these should be bipartisan organizations, like the military.
  • friendship isn’t always easy.  You have to work to make it work.  Marriage is the same way.   is compromise.  Success is achieved through mutual compromise.  Relationships undergo the “melting pot process”, too.
  • honesty is always the best course.
  • if you borrow a tool from a neighbor, you should return it in better condition than you received it.  Same goes for the world we live in.
  • it’s our responsibility to fine more efficient, economically sound, environmentally friend energy sources.
  • we can’t simply abandon fossil fuels until we have found them (there has to be more than one alternative)
  • we must increase our use of domestic oil to cut our ties to foreign sources.  This will decrease oil cost, buy time to identify/adopt alternative energy, cut political influence of foreign powers not in line with America’s interests.
  • it’s the responsibility of every American to discuss and debate their beliefs.  Talking about our differences is the only means to come to agreements.
Is there nothing you believe in?
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