I’ve been posting a lot lately about politics.  That’s unique for me.  Mostly, I don’t talk about what “I believe” to people.  One of my major criticisms of this election is the partisan treatment of individuals from opposing parties.  Neither is innocent.  I’m going to keep politics out of this because politics have little to do with beliefs.  The line will become blury, but anytime I talk about government or rights in regards to my beliefs, remember these are what I believe and not criticisms of any political party.  Individual beliefs help create the lens that is shaped by your experiences through which you view .  

Here’s my list.  I’m sure it will grow and change.

I believe…

  • Everyone is created equal when it comes to rights
  • Everyone has freedom to speak their mind and disagree with anything they don’t like.
  • in personal responsibility for your actions.
  • there is a hierarchy of priority when it comes to family: kids>parents>sibblings>extended family>friends>Everyone else
  • anyone with love and commitment who wants to get married should be able to
  • in a kind, trusting god
  • you never get delt more than you can handle
  • things happen for a reason
  • god has a plan.  We can’t see it but if we look, we can catch glimpses of the pattern when looking back over our lives.
  • it’s not my place to judge other people and their decisions to have abortions or not.  Looking my children in the eyes, I could never imagine deciding to take a life of an unborn infant, but we each must make that decision based on our faith and beliefs.  Government should not tell us how to live our lives.
  • assisted suicide for terminal patients should be an option.
  • stem cell research should go forward, but we shouldn’t create life to do the research.  That’s lazy and science has shown it’s a shortcut we don’t need.
  • cloning is ok.  God didn’t just create life, he gave us the ability to use tools, learn and evolve.  Life is life.
  • in a free market society.  Demand should drive success or failure.  Capitalism beats socialism everytime.
  • Government should provide limited regulation to prevent abuse, consistent infrastructure across states and national defense.  States should have more power.  This is vague and I know it.
  • Government should promote our ideals and help guide/push society to find better ways.  This includes scientific advancement, human rights, education, commerce.  Notice I said promote and not enforce.
  • there should be no salary/career limitations/disparity based on sex, race, religion, age, disability or anything else but experience and ability.
  • rapists should become eunichs on their first offense and killed on their second.
  • premeditated murderers should reap what they sow.
  • politicians should have an upper limit on their salaries and no lifetime benefits.
  • there should be a difference between real unbiased journalists and politically-biased media and they should be upfront about it
  • CEO’s, board members and every executive of a company should have their salary/benefits tied to the success of the company.  if the company fails, they get little to nothing.
  • Taxes shouldn’t be viewed as patriotic.
  • government employees should strive to constantly be fiscally responsible and treat the money they spend as if it’s their own, not funny-money they can just spend however they please.

I know there is more I’ll add to the list.

What do you believe?

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