Like I’ve said, character and honesty are critical for me in relating to a person.  A reflection of who a person is is the people he surrounds himself with.

Senator Obama has stated his disdain for the prejudice comments by Reverend Wright and the terrorist actions of Bill Ayers.  Obama didn’t do those things and as soon as the press let him know about the actions of these loose associations in his life, it took him less then a couple of months to distance himself and state his dislike for what they did (and that he was unaware of the hateful things they said/did).

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  Why would a politician play with the truth?

Now, we have the Post reporting that Obama’s campaign reached out Franklin Raines for advice on the economy and mortgate industry.  Further, we know that James Johnson was in charge of Obama’s VP selection team until there was too much criticism.  Who cares, really, right?  Oh, Raines and Johnson used to run FNME (Fannie Mae) during the periods when it was discovered that they artificially inflated their reported revenue, used suspect business practices in granting loans and other illegal activities.  Both left FNME after receiving MILLIONS (like $50m in Raines’ case) in bonuses.  

Further, there’s the protest of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to the UN.  Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin were both invited.  When Clinton found out Palin was coming, she pulled out.  In order to remain party neutral, the group reached out to Biden and the Obama campaign to send someone else.  They refused.  The group then got pressure from other democrats to either disinvite Palin or cancel the rally.  So, they disinvited her.  What kind of crap is this?  It’s more important to ensure Palin doesn’t attend than it is to protest Iran’s ruler?