There ain’t no such thing… Everyone is biased.  It’s who we are, how we are made up.  Other than claiming that McCain is too old to be President or votes too close to party lines, there has been little the liberal pundits and bloggers have been able to attack him on from a character perspective.  Instead, they’ve focused on Governor Sarah Palin.  Her religion is different than their’s, she wasn’t pregnant – she covered up for her daughter’s pregnancy, no, wait, she should stay home and take care of her family because her 17 yr old daughter is engaged and pregnant, her marriage is going to go to hell because she’s a working mother, she looks like Tina Fey, she’s a war monger, she’s a puppet, she’s a liar, she’s despicable, a sign of pure evil on the horizon.  I’ve read all of these online by “professional” media and bloggers.  

I’m not going to defend her today, there are enough people out there doing it themselves.  But in case folks forget, it’s McCain running against Obama.  Say what you want about his days being numbered, Matt Damon, but you’ve brought up the issue about character.  Let’s look at Obama’s character:



Character and honesty is important to me.  I think Obama is not quite the saint that some (including himself) would like to paint him as.  Normally, that’s ok.  But this isn’t a job interview.  This is for the Presidency of the United States of America.  Sure, I want change.  I want honesty from politicians and fairness in reporting.

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