I was in the cafeteria at AOL in Columbus when it came onto NBC.  Jim Fournier and I stood watching the events unfold.  It was stunning.  I still can’t think back on it without feeling tightness in my chest and a combination of sadness and rage wash over me.  

I don’t want revenge for these people.  That’s not what America is about.  I want security… I want the world to see our strength as a people.  I want America to stand tall and prevent this from happening again not only to our people, but to any other people in this world.  Whether it’s the bombing of an embassy, a hospital, a car or the World Trade Center, this is wrong.  This is not about faith or politics.  This is right or wrong.  This is about defending the weak.  America has not always done the right thing.  We have not always been proactive and decisive.  We have not always tracked evil down regardless of who harbors it.  But we can and we should.  As a great president has said in the past, “talk lightly and carry a big stick”, we must be prepared to defend the innocent not for us, but for our children and their children.  That will be the memorial for the thousands to millions of people who have been killed by terrorists, dictators and murderers.

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