I’m sure you saw it, but Matt Damon thought you all could benefit from his wisdom as a paid pretender (actor) to call out Governor Palin.

  • First, Damon spews the same “exaggerations” about actuaries tables citing a 1 out of 3 chance Senator McCain won’t survive his first term.  The same Politico article his people fed him that states this contradicts it’s own reporting and provides closer insight into the facts.
  • He slams Gov Palin for her belief in some form of intelligent design and implies she will force creationism into public schools.  I think she may even believe that God flooded the earth, Eve came from a rib and God’s son died for our sins.  She has a track record of keeping her beliefs separate from her office.  She has stated her father was a high school science teacher and regularly discussed faith and science.  The point she has tried to make is one about freedom of debate.  If a child asks a question in school, talk about it, don’t shut it down.  In none of her past government positions has she made any effort to modify education curriculums.
  • Damon questions her ability to stand up to Vladimir Putin, when Obama is unable to understand the dynamics of the UN when he asks that the Georgia conflict be handled with sanctions from the UN Security Council forgetting that Russia is a veto-holding member of the UN Security Council.  The differences between Palin and Obama are that Palin has McCain to lean on while Obama has no one and Obama has equal experience (but lacks obvious good judgement or panel of experts to couch him).
  • He then finishes by mocking her for only being a mayor and using “folksy” sayings.  I would describe these as “Americanisms”, but I guess a college dropout like Damon who grew up in the elite city of Cambridge would know better than me.
Then there is Wil Wheaton.  I like his blog, tweets and general commentary on geekdom, but every now and then he throws out these accusations like McCain is a liar and has no honor.  Well, according to Gallup, most of you don’t agree.  I have no issue with the statement as long as he supports it, which he doesn’t.  He throws it out there and his band of followers blindly accept it.
So, do I have an issue with celebrities getting political?  No, it’s their right.  Do I have a problem with celebrities using their position and following to throw out slander, accusations and general misinformation?  Damn straight.  In my opinion, part of the money I pay for movie tickets, watching ads, buying books comes with an expectation of honesty and responsibility.  State your opinion.  Support your political candidate, but do it with a higher level of ethics, candor and responsibility than your average innerweb hate monger.
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