• only 1 of the 4 acceptance speeches where he really didn’t attack his opponent
  • finally saw him pull his POW story together to represent the personal transformation he went in his character, devotion and love of country; it wasn’t a tool for sympathy or guilt
  • he was upfront about the republican party losing it’s way
  • didn’t alienate the other party by referring to them as the problem
  • stressed joint solutions moving forward
  • good ideas come from everyone and he doesn’t care the source
  • he won’t take credit for other’s ideas regardless the sources
  • like everyone else, he mentioned the issues and gave generalities on solutions, but no details… expecting more from everyone during the debates
  • his wife is total first lady material… has been involved in international issues for decades

I was just really impressed with his “high road” tactics.  He didn’t point fingers, didn’t made personal attacks and really conveyed why he was running for president.  He loves America, sees the problems and sees everyone involved in the solutions.

With Obama, Biden and Palin, I see rifts between the parties.  With people online, I see rifts.  The sentiment is that if you don’t believe in what we believe, you are stupid and not worth discussing the issues with.  There is no compromise.  The media is biased one way or the other.  There is no fair reporting.  There is just so much anger and hypocrisy on both sides that we are failing to discuss the issues and candidates calmly with reason.

I saw none of this with McCain.  I saw a man who was looking to bring two sides together to help build a better future.  I saw a president.

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