I’m not really a regular blog reader.  There are a few people I like to stalk read from time to time either because they are authors whose books I enjoy or… well, that’s probably about it (aside from a couple of friends who don’t really update their blogs).  There are other people I follow on twitter who don’t blog that often and I’m not sure I’d even read their blogs if they did, but I enjoy the odd thoughts that come out of their heads.

Then there’s The Bloggess.  I follow her religiously on twitter, her blog and Good Mom/Bad Mom on the Houston Chronicle.  I can’t really describe her to you and still get you to read her.  She’s something you have to experience first hand.  All I can really say is that she makes me feel like the thoughts in my head are ok… Here are a few you should start out with:

If you’re offended by any of these… well, hi, I don’t think you know me…

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