In past lives, I’ve been accused of falling into “dark moods”. It wasn’t about the glass being half full, but more screaming out “who gave me such a big fucking glass?!?” What did people think I need such a big glass for? What the hell am I ‘sposed to put in there? Someone will just come along and piss in it because that’s what people do… they get shit-faced and then need a place to piss and here will be my big fucking glass and they’ll say “hey, here’s a big glass that’s only half full… there’s plenty of room for me to piss in it… woohoo, my lucky night… I’ll take a piss and then get back to this party and score with that hot chick I’ve been hitting on!” and then what will I have? A big fucking glass full of piss and then I’ll have to smile about it… It’s not like I can complain cuz my glass is NO LONGER FUCKING HALF FULL! People will tell me, sure, it’s got piss in it, but it’s only HALF FULL OF PISS… look on the bright side! So, I’ll smile and not let on that someone pissed in my big fucking glass! Then I’ll just be this ass walking around with a big fucking glass full of piss slopping all over my hands with a stupid ass grin on my face while some other guy gets lucky with the sloppy drunk co-ed. SCREW ‘EM! TAKE YOUR GLASS AND YOUR PISS AND GO TO HELL!

um… heh… well… like I was saying… that was in past lives… I’ve moved on. Let the anger go, if you will. Fill my glass up, brother… it just keeps getting bigger! But, the point is, The Bloggess, my favorite blog authoress, passed on a tweet to everyone with the following song.  It reminded me of the good ole days of anger, depression, self-loathing, denial, frustration, hate, despair… um… yeah, the good ole days.  So, I wanted to share it with both all of you.  I leave you with this on a Friday, to top off your week.  could be worse, your attitude affects everyone around you, so grin that big dopey grin and try not to spill any piss on your hands!

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