As reported by KFYR-TV in Bismark:

Former NFL star running back and one-time murder suspect O.J. Simpson is visiting the Fargo area. Simpson says he`s visiting friends and playing golf, and also hopes to catch his first walleye during his five-day stay. Simpson drew a crowd at a Fargo bar Tuesday night, as word spread that he was in the city.

The Fargo Forum website also picked up the major event:

O.J. Simpson spent Tuesday night in Fargo sitting behind a table at JT Cigarro surrounded by interested onlookers and at least one burly bodyguard…. Simpson was seated behind a table in the rear corner of the room. Typically he was surrounded by at least 15 people, just soaking in the moment. A massive bodyguard created with chairs a perimeter around the area and stood guard to allow people in or out. Simpson, donning his trademark white golf visor, seemed to enjoy the spectacle, often smiling, high-fiving people and posing for photos cheek to cheek. Some in the bar said Simpson arrived around 8 p.m. Though the reason is not perfectly clear as to why he was in Fargo on Tuesday night, one witness said his girlfriend is from the area. It was also unclear who was part of Simpson’s entourage.

A couple items to mention…

OJ in FargoWell, duh, they found him in a bar… That’s what you do in Fargo.

I once saw Rick Springfield in Valentino’s Ristaurante, where I worked, across from the shopping mall, West Acres.  He was a vegetarian.  Luckily, we had a vegetarian pizza on the menu.  I don’t think the Juice is a vegan… not after he’s tasted blood.

It’s hard to believe he went there for the golf.  REALLY hard to believe that.  The fishing, sure.  Really, he should have just stuck with a “getting a drink” story.

I buy the fact that his girlfriend is from there.  Hot women from North Dakota generally move away.  I’m assuming he has a hot girlfriend.

I love how they always vaguely describe him as a “retired football player” and mostly describe his “alleged” murder of his ex and her boyfriend.  They NEVER mention Naked Gun!  That’s just sad.

This seems like a really big alliby.  Has anyone seen his kids lately?

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