er… Son… well, not really.  I was born in Minnesota (stress on the SOTA), but was whisked away to the enchanted northern Dakota state at the age of 10.  I spent the next 13 or so years there learning how to be a man.  Well… ok.  Let’s just leave it at that.

Lately, I’m finding myself reminiscent of the great plains so started reading blogs from current residents there.  You’ll see a new section on my Links page dedicated – North Dakota.

A few things you probably didn’t know about North Dakota to entice you to start reading:

  • While bees are fleeing North Dakota, it leads the country in honey production.
  • The conductor for the Simpsons was born there.
  • The external scenes of the city Fargo in the MOVIE Fargo was actually filmed in Grand Forks.
  • It’s not all flat… the western side is pretty hilly with 5 or 6 more trees.

Famous North Dakotans: 

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