k… the Norwegian government, assuming all is going to hell, has built this huge tunnel on a small island in the Arctic Circle where they are storing hundreds of thousands of seeds.  Now, there are several seed storage places all over the world, but these are active places where they take seeds out, plant them and replace them with the seeds from the plantings.  That’s not the case with the Skavland Vault.  If you donate seeds, you can request to have them returned, but otherwise, they stay where they are buried in the permafrost until the Apocalypse.  The working theory here is that when it all hits the fan and society topples, someone will make their way up to the Arctic Circle, get into this deep vault and then haul the seeds to much warmer climates to plant. 

I thought I was cynical.

The hope of mankind is Skavland.

Skavland Doomsday Seed Vault

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