I’m heading to India for a couple of weeks for work.  In the odd way works, a few people I used to work with at the old place will be there the same time/same city (Bangalore).  It looks like Ning‘s old man and I will hook up for some beers and wild time.

The trip is starting out awesome already and I haven’t left Columbus.  My flight into O’Hare is canceled and they put me on one leaving 2 hours later.  The vague voice on my voicemail reassured me there was plenty of time to make my connecting flight out of O’Hare to Heathrow.  I hate O’Hare.  These things always happen there.  They’ve pissed off some Norse God fursure.

So, I really like reading timetravel or alternate history stories.  You know, like the ones with premises that start out…

What if the city of Nantucket was sent back thousands of years ago…?
What if the South didn’t lose the Civil War…?
What if Lou Ferigno didn’t play the Hulk…?
What if you discovered time travel, but could only go forward in time… how would you get “home”?
What if you suffered from Chrono-Displacement and your wife met you in a field when she was 6…?

Well… I can go on and on.  I really love this stuff.  So, now, I have a place to shop so that I’m prepared if I’m ever thrust back in time and splinter reality into another parrallel reality!  Time Travel Market

Obviously, they will do well there.  They already did in the future.

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