Back in December, I talked on the eve of the last day of employment.  I didn’t post much after that.  It was hard.  I have that midwestern (since when is North Dakota or Minnesota ‘midwest’ of anything?) work ethic, or, as I like to call it, fear.  Luckily, I had been looking for several months, knowing the end was near.  Right before Christmas, I received an offer with JPMC working in an IT group in one of the lines of business.  It definitely made the holidays happier and being able to use my severance package to pay off a home equity loan was pretty nice. 

My first day was January 7th.  The culture’s definitely different.  Where I came from an agile, web 2.0 world, many of the systems for banks are on mainframes.  I’m still working with the technology I like/am used to, but the pace is definitely different.  So, much of my time has been recalibrating my internal throttle, learning huge systems and helping design a new enterprise application.

I don’t plan on going into the specifics of what I’m working on or people I work with here.  I want to just end that with “for obvious reasons” but am compelled to elaborate.  My idea here is to post ideas.  Most of them are around IT, management, building/shipping projects, communication, blah blah blah… but it’s not for venting about specifics.  My workplace is my workplace.  I don’t bring it home and I don’t plan on bringing it to ConleyWorld.  On ConleyWorld, society is perfect and doesn’t suffer the strife of corporate politics, bureaucracy or poorly set expectations.  From time to time I post theoretical situations or issues, but they shouldn’t be assumed to reflect anything real or current.

Man… that’s as close as I can get to a legal waiver.  To summarize… I got a job, I’m not destitute, my kids don’t have to ask me anymore “daddy, how come you are still home?” and I don’t plan on bitching about my job, current projects or people I work with here.

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