Throughout the years, I’ve collected a huge assortment (ok, not fanatically or insanely huge, but relatively big… dozens?) of tshirts.  They started out as shirts I thought were cool (black with a big yellow batman logo) or my first concert (RollingStones Steel Wheel Tour).  Then entering the professional workforce, I, like many of you, was plied with shirts (tshirts, denim, etc) in a futile effort to improve my morale (I took them, but don’t think I’m that easily bought off).

 I am genetically predisposed to packrattery and it’s only through the constant efforts of my wife that our house isn’t overcome with incredibly useful things we MIGHT need in the future.  Well, tshirts are one of those things I still squirrel away.  Luckily, she doesn’t read this or I’d have to find a better hiding place.

Unfortunately, the tshirts fall into 2 categories: shrunk, meaningless project references or just too weird to wear publically.  Finally, a friend has found a great use for them.  Creating a blanket or “throw” out of those would be a nice addition to my home office (the one place I’m free to hide away all those good things I MIGHT need in the future).

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